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Whale Sharks of Isla Mujeres

Took an “Abernethy Scuba Adventures” trip to Isla Mujeres on July 12, 2013 with Anne and Norm Dupont to snorkel with the Whale Sharks. Had ONE fabulous day on the water with an estimated one […]

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August Encounters

For August we start off with a Sea Biscuit trying to escape being eaten by a large Sea Star.  Other highlights are  Skeleton Shrimp covered with tiny babies, a stunning red Longlure Frogfish, and a […]

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July Encounters

This video contains footage of a huge Deer Cowrey crawling out in the open at night, a gathering of Flying Gurnards, several batfish including a Roughback Batfish “fishing” with its lure, and a cute green […]

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June Encounters

Trying to catch up on Bridge videos from last summer.  This one from June starts out with an urchin explosion showing the 100’s of urchins trying to hide in plain sight by covering themselves with […]

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Starting from Scratch

Jawfish live in holes in the sand and rubble and normally show only their heads, retreating down their hole tail first when approached. Jim found this relatively rare Spotted Jawfish sitting on the sand off […]

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May Encounters

This video contains Jim’s encounters under the Blue Heron Bridge during the month of May 2012. It includes a Stargazer emerging from the sand, playing around with a Mantis Shrimp, an extremely long armed Brittle […]

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April Encounters

Jim put together a few video clips taken during the month of April.  It includes territorial displays between two Dragonets and two Eyed Flounder, a small Blue Spotted Sea Robin showing off its beautiful “wings”, […]

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Toadfish at the BHB

On Monday, March 26th, Laz found a Osyter Toadfish at the Blue Heron Bridge and was kind enough to show our group.  This is the first time we have seen such an animal there. Here […]

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Moorhen for Breakfast

Last month we visited a Great Horned Owl nest and were fortunate to witness the adult Owl bringing a Common Moorhen back to the nest to feed the young owlets.  Here is Jim’s video of […]

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All you can eat Shrimp Buffet

On a night dive in Anilao, Philippines, small transparent shrimp were swarming in my video lights. An octopus took advantage of the smorgasbord of fresh shrimp and was using all eight arms to catch them […]

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Holes in the Sand

Mantis Shrimp and other animals that make their home in holes in the sand.  All video shot at the Blue Heron Bridge by Jim Mears.

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