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Blue Heron Bridge – 09/04/13

Here are a few images from the night dives on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The water was warm, current mild and diving was enjoyable despite fighting the masses of moon jellyfish. This is the first time […]

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Blue Heron Bridge – 08/08/13

Had a very lovely dive on the East side on Tuesday.  Thank you Linda for taking me to perhaps the most beautiful seahorse I have seen.  I also played around with some Sergeant Major Eggs […]

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Blue Heron Bridge – March-June 2013

Working on getting caught up with image posting.  This gallery is a assortment of images from the few Blue Heron Bridge dives I did in the spring and early summer. The Swimming Crabs seemed to […]

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August Encounters

For August we start off with a Sea Biscuit trying to escape being eaten by a large Sea Star.  Other highlights are  Skeleton Shrimp covered with tiny babies, a stunning red Longlure Frogfish, and a […]

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July Encounters

This video contains footage of a huge Deer Cowrey crawling out in the open at night, a gathering of Flying Gurnards, several batfish including a Roughback Batfish “fishing” with its lure, and a cute green […]

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Blue Heron Bridge – 09/18/12

Dove the East side on Tuesday to try out some new camera/strobe settings before our trip next week. The new camera settings did not work by the way, but here are the best photos of […]

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Blue Heron Bridge – 08/22/12

Went to the East side last Wednesday afternoon.  The goal was to find seahorses.  The water was warm and very clear with a mild current. Thank you Linda for acting as guide and showing me […]

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Blue Heron Bridge – 08/10/12

This post is a combination of two days.  Found a beautiful Scrawled Filefish that was being cleaned by a juvenile Gray Angelfish by the west wall and the little trunkfish is still there and growing […]

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Blue Heron Bridge – 08/01/12

Spent the first half of the night dive hiding behind a column to avoid the strong current. Ventured out as the current subsided and found a sea spider carrying a load of white eggs on […]

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Blue Heron Bridge – 07/26/12

It was a Batfish kind of day at the Blue Heron Bridge.  Went to the East where the find of the day was a very large, VERY colorful Roughback Batfish (approximately 6″ long).  It posed […]

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Blue Heron Bridge – 07/17/12

It turned out to be a beautiful night dive.  The storms cleared out and the water was warm and clear. Spent a good amount of time in the cabbage patch (ie. large field of caulerpa […]

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Blue Heron Bridge – 07/13/12

Dove the West side on Friday.  Water was warm and vis was so so. Nothing too exciting so I concentrated on a few fish.  Found several juvenile Trunkfish (aka Sponge Bob’s), a nice pale male […]

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Starting from Scratch

Jawfish live in holes in the sand and rubble and normally show only their heads, retreating down their hole tail first when approached. Jim found this relatively rare Spotted Jawfish sitting on the sand off […]

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May Encounters

This video contains Jim’s encounters under the Blue Heron Bridge during the month of May 2012. It includes a Stargazer emerging from the sand, playing around with a Mantis Shrimp, an extremely long armed Brittle […]

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Blue Heron Bridge – 07/06/12

It was a HOT sunny morning at the Blue Heron Bridge.  I was extremely lucky to find not one, but two Sargassum Frogfish at the beach wall where we gear up.  The first very small […]

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