Butterfly World – 03/16/2013

Lady Gouldian Finch

Visited Butterfly World twice last week.  The first time it was cold and windy and the place looked void of butterflies.  However, we found a Cairns Birdwing sitting with wings open revealing their stunning iridescent green color.  Also a new sighting were several huge Atlas Moths.  I would estimate the wingspan of the largest one to be 12 inches.

The second visit was on a warm sunny day with Granddaughter Ciera.  What a difference the sun makes as the place was alive with thousands of butterflies flying around.  We chased several Lacewings (a stunning butterfly that we have not seen before), but they were too fast to get a good photo.  Guess that means another trip will be in the near future.

There is more to Butterfly World than butterflies so I have included several birds and flowers.

Click HERE to see the images.


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