Butterfly World – December 2012

Piano Key Butterfly

It has been many years since I visited the aviaries and botanical gardens of “Butterfly World” in Coconut Creek.  I had forgotten how beautiful is it to walk through the gardens surrounded by hundreds of live butterflies. I had also forgotten how difficult butterfly photography can be.  Since I have purchased an annual pass, you will most likely be seeing more butterfly photos that you care to in the coming months.

Here are the best results from my first two visits in December.  All of these photos were taken with a Canon 7D, 100mm macro lens, and macro ring strobe set on -2 f-stops.

Click HERE to see the images.


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  1. Marge 01/03/2013 at 2:14 PM #

    Hi Susan
    You photos are great. Elaine and I love Butterfly World too. Maybe we will see you there one of these days.