Monthly Archives: June 2012


Blue Heron Bridge – 06/19/12

Turned out to be a fantastic night dive via the “Little Deeper” dive boat.  Finally got to see one of Deb’s “funky” shrimp.  They are approximately 1/2″ long and like to pose for the camera, […]

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Blue Heron Bridge – 06/09/12

These images are from my last two dives on June 6th and June 9th.  Some of the highlights are: 1.  A little black Striated Frogfish, a nice find but they are hard to photograph because […]

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Blue Heron Bridge – 06/03/12

It was a fantastic night dive last night, at least the last half was.  As soon as the current subsided, everything came out in “Nudi World”. In a very small area of hydroids, I found […]

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Blue Heron Bridge – 05/31/12

Had a very nice dive on Thursday afternoon despite the gloom and rain.  It was a cool 78 degrees and mild current. Encountered a cooperative Yellow Garden Eel on the way out to the rubble. […]

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