Monthly Archives: March 2012


Toadfish at the BHB

On Monday, March 26th, Laz found a Osyter Toadfish at the Blue Heron Bridge and was kind enough to show our group.  This is the first time we have seen such an animal there. Here […]

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Blue Heron Bridge – 03/26/12

It was Bumblebee day at the Blue Heron Bridge.  Turned over a lot of urchins and found three that had families of  tiny (approximately 1/4″ long) Bumblebee shrimp on them.  The tiny orange scallop with […]

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Blue Heron Bridge – 03/23/12

Here are my photos from today’s dive on the East side.  A striped Burrfish.  A pipefish with fuzz on its nose.  My first encounter with a couple of squat lobsters.  A male Banded Jawfish incubating […]

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Blue Heron Bridge – 03/16/12

Dove  the East side  for the first time since the bridge construction was completed.  Water was a cool 78 degrees.  Found several nudibranchs and a flatworm thanks to Judy and Anne.  Found very large live […]

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Moorhen for Breakfast

Last month we visited a Great Horned Owl nest and were fortunate to witness the adult Owl bringing a Common Moorhen back to the nest to feed the young owlets.  Here is Jim’s video of […]

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