Blue Heron Bridge 02/19/12

Brown Fan Worm

First Blue Heron dive of 2012.  Burrrr!  Actually it wasn’t too bad.  The worst thing was putting on a real (3mm) wetsuit.

Nothing out of the ordinary except for the red nudibranchs – thanks Linda!  Found several Jawfish (no eggs), two different species of Sea Robins, a tiny Bumblebee Shrimp on a purple urchin and a Stargazer which I took an abstract photo of.  At the very end off the beach I found a rock that was completely covered in some type of anemone.

Click HERE to see a photo gallery from this dive.


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  1. Anne 02/21/2012 at 10:44 AM #

    Beautiful images Susan!
    Love the little shrimp!